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Promoting Research Blog: Have your say

Have your say regarding any aspect of  research, our website or the
open access student journal.
Help generate useful discussions and ideas to promote research.
Contribute and share your ideas, views, opinions and perspectives on
research and Open Access with students and researchers from around
the world.

Promoting Research

Promoting Research is a forum for promoting research that is good,
original, useful and ethically sound. Often people who are new to the
field face problems on how and where to begin with. This forum would
act as a catalyst in providing useful reviews on topics covering various
aspects of research. It would be a platform for exchange of ideas and
sharing of information.

The 10/90 gap

“10/90 gap refers to the statistical finding of the Global Forum for
Health Research that only ten per cent of worldwide expenditure on
health research and development is devoted to the problems that
primarily affect the poorest 90 per cent of the world's population.”
“Information and Communication is key to fighting the 10/90 gap”.
This forum is for addressing the issues of the larger 90% through good
and interactive discussions.

Road To Residency

There are hundreds of issues and questions that arise when one is
applying for a residency. How to make a CV? How to make a personal
statement? The problems and hurdles in VISAs etc. The purpose of this
forum is to bring together resources and links that would aid in the
process. At the same time,the users can post their own experience and
relevant information.

Promoting Open Access

Open Access simply means free access to research. As said in,
"Published research results and ideas are the foundation for future
progress in science and medicine. Open Access publishing therefore leads
to wider dissemination of information and increased efficiency in

Meetings of Young Scientists with Nobel Laureates

This year over 500 young students and scientists met with around 17
Nobel Laureates for the 57th time. This year the theme was
Medicine/Physiology. Another good feature of the prestigious meeting
was the interaction between the young students and scientists. To
continue that positive and useful interaction and exchange of ideas, this
forum has been made. Hopefully it would be a platform for generating
good discussions and staying in touch with fellow students/scientists
from around the world.

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Suggested by: (Dr. Devesh Obero, Intern, KMC, Mangalore Manipal
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